LED Signs

LED-Signs is a leading provider of visual LED sign technology. Our experience in the light emitting diode (LED) sign industry means that our development, design and manufacturing processes have become industry benchmarks. Our versatility means that we can custom design visual display solutions to suit the specific needs of our clients.

LED-Signs specialises in indoor and outdoor LED sign solutions which combine superior design, longevity, and environmental toughness. Our LED product range includes video walls, video super screens, multimedia displays, multi-line graphic signs, scrolling message signs, time & temperature displays, multi-panel LCD displays and scoreboards.

LED-Signs design and install LED signage solutions to outdoor and indoor advertising organisations, signage providers, hotels, cinemas, airports, schools, designers, builders, architects, mining and retail organisations throughout Lebanon.

LED Light

We provide LED Lighting products for residential household and commercial buildings for AC voltage systems as well as low voltage LED Lighting products for renewable energies such as wind, hydro, solar and off the grid power systems.